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New Year, Improved Site

It’s a new year and that means a great excuse to make some site improvements. I feel like has been a moving target ever since it’s conception. I was originally hosting my site on GoDaddy. I was fairly pleased, although they gave me a dirty feeling (have you seen their commercials?). Here’s some of the changes I made for the new year, and why.
  • Hosting is now with DreamHost – I have some friends who use DreamHost and were very pleased. I must say, after dealing with them for a while now, I am quite pleased too. Their customer service is outstanding, they are generous with hosting and bandwidth and it’s all so very easy to use. If you decide to check them out, you can use this promo code THEFLEXGUY_PROMO to get $30 off a year of hosting and a free domain registration, courtesy of me – you’re welcome.
  • Comment system is easier to use now – I have been struggling with commenting since I use Joomla, and it’s not designed out of the box to have comments. I’m now using JComments to provide a simple interface that doesn’t require any registration.
  • Pretty URLs – this is something I have wanted for a long time but never could get to work right on GoDaddy. I finally have it working on DreamHost. Hopefully, it’ll be a lot easier to link to blog posts since the urls are a little more meaningful.
I’m hoping to continue to improve the site so that users in the blogosphere can use it easier.