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Adding Bookmarks in Flash Builder

A while ago, I wrote this post (Using SourceMate 3.0 to create code bookmarks). While poking around in the Flash Builder preferences, I came across some references to the Bookmarks view. It turns out, this feature has been there all along.

To show the view

Go to Window > Show View > Other… and choose General > Bookmarks. This will show the view in the bottom pane.

To add a bookmark

When on a line of code, go to Edit > Add Bookmark… By default, this does not have a shortcut key.

To add a shortcut key combo

Go to Preferences, General > Keys. Scroll down a little to Add Bookmark. In the Binding input, you can add a key combo that works for you. I’m on a Mac and alt/option+B was available and easy to remember.

It even allows you to name the bookmarks, which is nice.

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