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htmlText Editor – now on AIR

One of the simplest and most used projects I’ve done is the htmlText Editor. Mainly used by Flex developers, it provides a shortcut to having htmlText generated in a WYSIWYG type editor. I’ve thought for a long time about making a desktop app out of it. The time has come. It’s got some additional features that I’ve procrastinated putting in, such as:

  • Updating both ways – you change the rich text, it changes the htmlText AND you change the htmlText and it instantly updates the rich text
  • No more “filter tags” button – it updates the display as soon as you check and un-check the boxes
  • CDATA wrapping – check the box to wrap the htmlText in CDATA tags and what you copy to the clipboard will be wrapped in the CDATA tags

I’m totally open to making more changes, so please, provide feedback!

You can download the application from the Adobe Marketplace (free of charge).

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