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I now offer tutoring to those who want to learn more about Flex and ActionScript.  I know that learning a new technology can seem intimidating for some so I teach with a style that will give you what you need to know to be a professional developer without all the fluff.  There are two ways you can learn:

One on one tutoring

($40/hr) Just you and me.  If you learn best by structured learning (with “lessons, and homework”) I can do that OR we can find a real world project to take on and work through the problems together.  If you learn best by some other means, just say so.  I can adapt to anyone’s learning style.

Group lessons

($30/hr per person) Two to five of you and your friends or co-workers get together and learn as a small group.  The same options apply when it comes to ways you can learn.  By getting a group together the rate is reduced for each person. I’ve found that small groups allow each person to get the most out of the time there.  If the group gets too big, some individuals end up sitting around while others are getting extra help.  I want each person to get as much as they can out of it.

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