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Flash & Flex – The Chemicals Between Us

Flex - It’s that easy.I had a great time speaking at the Flash user group last night. The group members had some great questions and there was a lot of people who benefited from the discussion. We talked about the relationship between Flash and Flex, the differences and similarities and a little intro on how to create a Flex application.

Here’s the presentation slides: Flash & Flex – The Chemicals Between Us

I promoted the idea of getting more designers involved with Flex. I’ve always felt that since Flex was created to appeal to coders, the designer is intimidated by it and therefore doesn’t adopt it as much. What we see as a result is a bunch of really cool application out there that look so-so. Let’s face it, most developers aren’t designers. I’m excited for the announcement of Thermo, the application that will make Flex development more appealing to designers.

There’s a lot of really exciting stuff on the horizon in the world of Flash, Flex, and AIR. I feel pretty lucky to be a part of it. I think we’ll see a trend on the internet of a movement to Rich Internet Applications. Recently, there was a poll done of a number of companies and of those polled, 75% planned on creating a Rich Internet Application in the next year. That means a great opportunity for Flex developers to make themselves available to fill that need.

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