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January, the longest month so far this year!

There’s a lot of stuff happening this month!

First of all, tomorrow night (the 10th) we’ve got the SeaFlex meeting. We’ll be hearing from Richard Rodseth as our main presenter. He’ll be talking about MVC in Flex. I’m excited to hear about that. MVC is a coding pattern, it means Model View Controller. The post about the event can be found here.

On the 15th is the Flash user group meeting where I’ll be presenting on the relationship between Flex and Flash with an intro to Flex.

On the 21st is the Flex 3/AIR Pre-release Tour. Ryan Stewart, a Flex evangelist will be speaking. There will be tons of great prizes and lot’s of food. It will certainly be the meeting you won’t want to miss! The post for this event is found here.

Register for the event here:
Registering is necessary so we know how much food to purchase so please register.

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