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Lists, how I love thee

Most of us love lists and use them everyday. I certainly do. The only problems I have with most listing applications is that you can’t reorganize easily and to set properties of tasks such as due date, there’s way to many clicks required. I think I have found an app that does it right. It’s actually an ajax application and can be used offline. It’s called Remember the Milk. There are keyboard shortcuts for everything. It can print a well formatted list for those that like to check off things with a pen or pencil. It has plenty of properties for each item, including location. It ties in with Google maps so you can set where something should occur.

If you want to get really high tech, you can also have it send reminders through a number of different methods, including Google talk. I found out about it because I was looking into Jott, another great service I’ll talk about some other time, and read how you can configure Jott to work with Remember the Milk.

Check it out, you might like it!

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