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When the cat’s away

…the mice will teach Flex development.

The Seattle Flex User Group (SeaFlex) meets tonight. Being the co-manager, I’m going to be teaching some Flex fundamentals while Ali is out of town. We’ll be going over a lot of the beginning hurdles that newbies encounter. My experience has taught me that when you’re jumping into a new development tool (and this is especially true for Flex) the hardest part was getting past that initial “Where do I start?” phase. Once you are comfortable using Flex Builder, you can fairly easily poke around and answer most of your own questions. Some good places to get answers are

  1. the help system – one of the best I’ve ever seen
  2. mailing lists – flexcoders and flexcomponents just to name a couple
  3. – if you haven’t discovered how helpful Adobe has been to new developers, check it out
  4. – this is the official site for Flex and has tons of great resources in it
  5. google – the community loves to blog and show off their skills, so do a search!

I’ll be giving away some books too, so that will add the resources you have available.

The user group is held at Adobe Systems, in Seattle. It’s in the Fremont neighborhood nestled between the Aurora Bridge and the Fremont Bridge on the canal. The meetings actually take place in the Adobe Conference Center, which is in the 701 building. Here’s the address:

801 N. 34th St.
Seattle, WA 98103

Meetings are 6:30 – 8:30.
Drinks are provided for those looking for more free stuff.

See you there!

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